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About Us

Hamilton Helicopters specializes in Helicopter Aerial and Ground Pesticide Applications.

We are a West Michigan based commercial pesticide application business.

We are a dedicated, professional pesticide application business devoted to give you the best value possible.  Our equipment is inspected and approved by the FAA, State of Michigan and DOT.

Our helicopters are tested yearly for calibration and characterization and the pilots attend the PAASS program.  

Our Services

Specializing in a wide variety of services, Hamilton Helicopters is licensed in the following categories:

- Aquatic Vegetation Control-Invasive Species

- Gypsy Month & Black Fly Control

- Mosquito Control - Municipal & Residential

- Dry Fertilizer & Seeding

- Frost Protection/Crop Drying/ Greenhouse Shade Control

- Agricultural Spraying

- Forest Managment

Our Equipment
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