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Aquatic Vegetation Control - Invasive Species
Gypsy Month, Blackfly & Tent Caterpillar Control

Aquatic Vegetation Control- Hamilton Helicopters has vast experience in aquatic vegetation control by helicopter. We are capable of spraying large blocks to streams and shorelines. Spraying and spreading aquatic herbicides and algaecide by helicopter is the most efficient and effective application method. 

Agricultural - Field Crops/Greenhouse Shading
Gypsy Moth.jpg

Gypsy Moths / Tent Caterpillar_ If you have any of the pests including black fly you know they need to be controlled before they get out of hand.

We use Micronair and Beecomist nozzles, for precise droplets, combined with GPS guidance and mapping,

Dry Application

Seeding & Fertilizer Spreading

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